The O Shot

What can the O-Shot help with?

The O-Shot is a revolutionary new and effective treatment for stress urinary incontinence, the
unintentional urination that can occur during physical activity. Many women find that they lose
urine when laughing, coughing, sneezing or exercising. This is caused by a weakening of the
sphincter pelvic muscles, often caused in childbirth. The O-Shot activates stem cells in the
localized region and these muscle tissues are then regenerated and thus improve their strength
and ability to prevent urine flow.
The O-Shot is also an all-natural, painless and non-surgical procedure that can rejuvenate and
revitalize vaginal and clitoral function. This can have the added benefit of improving sensitivity
and enhancing your sex drive.

  • Is the O-Shot right for me?
  • The O-Shot can help women suffering from:
  • Leaky bladder
  • Urinary incontinence during physical activity, laughing and/or sneezing
  • Low desire
  • Difficulty reaching orgasm / becoming aroused
  • Painful sex

When will I see O-Shot results?

Many women experience an improvement in their urinary stress incontinence almost
immediately, while an improvement in sensation may take three weeks to six months.
How long do O-Shot results last?
Results can last indefinitely, but some people may require further top-ups.

Does the O-Shot hurt?

First a numbing cream is applied to the vagina.  Then blood is drawn from the arm in the same
way as with any blood test. Using a specialised technique, the growth factors in platelet-rich
plasma (PRP) are extracted from that blood sample and injected into the area of the upper
vagina that is most important for the sexual response, (the O-Spot). Because these areas have
been numbed with a local anesthetic cream, patients experience little or no discomfort during the

What are the possible side effects of the O-shot

The most common side effects include, temporary skin reactions such as redness,
pain/tenderness, firmness, swelling, lumps/bumps and bruising.

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