The Secret of Lasting Deep Skin Hydration

Deep Hydration – Clinic 42 has a new system to deliver Hyaluronic acid into the dermis.

This treatment increases hydration levels deep within the skin to deliver lasting moisture and improve smoothness, elasticity, firmness and glow.

As we age, the amount of Hyaluronic acid diminishes. Hyaluronic acid is quickly becoming a preventative treatment for younger people looking to stave off the effects of ageing for as long as possible. Continuous use of hyaluronic acid ensures you retain moisture and elasticity in your skin. Now you have the opportunity to replenish and maintain natural hydration levels from within.

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What is Hyaluronic?

It is a natural component of your body’s connective tissue that maintains skin’s strength and elasticity.

What does it do?
Hyaluronic acid can retain over 1000 times its weight in water, so it’s super-hydrating and helps to give you a bright appearance by keeping cells plumped and strong.

Who should use it?
HA is found naturally in the body. Its main role is to attract water and provide hydration to the skin. The treatment involves a soft Restylane Hyaluronic gel injected into the skin by one of our experienced Doctors. One treatment is needed and results will last up to 6 months. This treatment is for men and women of all skin types, and will treat the face, neck, hands and décolletage.