Joanna Romanowska


Dr Joanna Romanowska graduated in 1990 with at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. Having travelled world-wide, she settled in New Zealand in 1993 and worked as GP throughout New Zealand, finally helping to establish a large practice in Mangere, where she was a partner for 15 years.

Joanna began practicing appearance medicine in 1998 and made the leap to open her own business Clinic42 in 2001. Having been a pioneer and trail blazer in the evolving field of cosmetic medicine, Joanna now enjoys prominence as one of New Zealand’s more accomplished practitioners. She is a highly regarded media spokesperson on all aspects of her area of specialization.

As an executive board member (and Fellow) of the New Zealand College of Appearance Medicine, and as an education officer responsible for new graduate training, she plays a leadership role in ensuring the highest standards of clinically-based solutions and procedures are practiced in New Zealand.
Joanna is also proficient in Ultra-guided Sclerotherapy.