Mole Removal is a very common procedure at Clinic 42

Remove unsightly moles and elevated skin lesions easily, painlessly and with no risk of scarring. It’s such a simple procedure, you’ll wonder why you put it off.

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mole removal

Mole removal is a very common procedure performed at Clinic 42. We can remove unsightly moles and elevated skin lesions without the need for incision or sutures by using a mole removal device called the Surgitron. Mole removal can occur anywhere on the body, however, using the Surgitron is an excellent choice for mole removal on the face.

The Surgitron utilises radio waves to shave off the lesion and cauterise at the same time. This means there is no blood and a small wound forms soon after the treatment, no bigger than the original mole/lesion. Once this wound heals (usually 7-10 days), new skin is revealed and eventually blends with the surrounding skin to leave no scarring or evidence of the mole. The Surgitron is an amazing choice for mole removal with little risk of scarring.

Before the procedure, a small amount of local anaesthetic is injected.  This will ensure no pain is felt during the radiosurgery procedure. Mole removal is only performed on clinically benign (non cancerous) lesions. Our Doctors will provide a thorough analysis of your mole or lesion during your consultation to ensure it is safe for removal using Surgitron.  All removed lesions are sent to the laboratory for analysis all the same, just for peace of mind. Patients will be informed of the results.