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factor 4

We often get asked, what’s new in the cosmetic medicine field? And as it is such an evolving and exciting area of medicine, there’s always something!

We have improved our techniques of injecting dermal fillers. We no longer chase lines, now we are performing mini face-lifts and creating sharper cheeks, jaws and chins by creating definition and recontouring. New soft products allow us to gibe a very natural look, as they blend with the body’s tissues seamlessly.

A new five point lift brought to us by prominent Korean plastic surgeon Mr Peter Huang is being used to not only lift and beautify faces but also to improve the one sided facial paralysis in people who suffer from Bells Palsy. It’s always great to be able to help people suffering from this debilitating condition.

not only so we offer Platelet Rich Plasma injections, but now we also have the latest in anti-ageing called FACTOR 4. FACTOR 4 contains 4 times more growth factors than any other blood product brand. FACTOR 4 treatment naturally slows collagen breakdown, delaying the ageing process, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improving the overall texture.

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From our beauty therapy department run by our expert therapist Jess, we have the ‘superior facial’. This ninety minute experience using scientifically-proven products includes needling, a mask, a vitamin infusion and LED treatment.

Revitaliser treatment, also known as an ‘internal moisturiser’ is where hyaluronic acid is injected very superficially in micro-amounts into the dermis of the skin, boosting overall appearance, creating more collagen and improving texture and lustre. A great pick me up after the long winter!

All our doctors at Clinic 42 have diplomas in cosmetic medicine and belong to the New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine. Dr Ellen Selkon and Dr Joanna Romanovska are on the Executive Committee and also train doctors and nurses in this field.